We are often ask by customers what the weight of a puppy will be as he/she matures.  We want to be very clear that we do not ever guarantee the adult weight of your puppy.  Mainly because it is impossible to do so accurately.  We do, however, give the Chihuahua Weight Chart estimate.  We will also tell you that we have seen that weight chart be wrong many, many times.  We have seen tiny puppies grow to be larger sized adults.  We have seen larger puppies, grow to be smaller sized adults.  We have seen small size parents produce larger size pups.  We have seen large parents produce some of our tinest puppies.  We have an ongoing respect for nature and all the surprises she brings our way.  So, if weight is highly significant to you in your search for a Chihuahua, then we recommend you consider finding a teenager, over 7 months of age.  You will be more likely to see an accurate adult weight estimate in a Chihuahua 7 months or older.  Although with that said, I have seen growth spurts in females and males after 12 months of age.  In the past we use to hear the term, “Teacup Chihuahua” and as you probably know there is no such thing.  We typically produce puppies ranging from an adult weight estimate of 2 1/2 lbs – 6 + pounds. Remember that even a “larger” size Chihuahua is still small compared to most other dog breeds.

We would like customers that adopt a puppy from us to love their puppy no matter how small or how large he/she grows to be and to believe their new puppy hung the moon!  


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