Our Barnwood Pioneer Village Kennels

My husband and my sons worked hard on our little pioneer village kennels and put together metal roofs, barnwood, limestone, cinder block, stucco, even stain glass windows, made by my talented husband.  The village is all handmade and has concrete yards, covered by shade from oaks, cedar, hackberry, and antique roses and passion flower vines in the spring/summer months.  The yards have concrete benches, made by my husband, so we can sit and visit and hold and rest among our dogs on a daily basis.  We have joked that we were building our retirement village since the doggies have a much better view of the dry creek bed and the towering oaks, than we do!  Fresh air and dappled sunshine, butterflies, birds and flowers and always a new landscape project going on is a good atmosphere for the dogs.  Occasionally, they will enjoy a tail wagging, energetic bark event due to a passing deer or friendly squirrel.


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