An educated pet owner is a good pet owner!  I love learning about this precious breed and I believe you will, too!  If you are interested in a future adoption or if you are an experienced Chihuahua owner, we hope that this page will help fill in the gaps of your learning and showcase this incredible dog breed, the mighty Chihuahua!



Mailing List Information and How to Place a Puppy on Hold

When we decide to make a litter of puppies available for deposit, we take their photos, and gather their stats and then on a specific date/day/time frame, we send out the photos and stats to the customers on the mailing list.  About 3 days prior to the mailing list day, we will post the specific day/date/time frame the emails will go out, on our home page!  Therefore, the mailing list customers can mark their calendars and be ready and waiting for those emails that come to their inbox.  When you get the photos and stats on the available for deposit puppies, and you see one you want to adopt and add to your family, then send me a quick email.  There is no need to write me a long email, just say, “I would like to place _______on hold” and if you are the first customer to request that particular puppy, then I will reply and confirm that happy news!  I will also fill out the PayPal invoice for the $200 deposit and email that to you.  You do not need to be a member of PayPal to use the invoice service. Remember that only deposits hold puppies.  Therefore, if you are the first one to request a puppy, make sure you get that deposit in promptly when you receive the invoice.  We allow a reasonable time frame for customers to pay the deposit, but if we loose communication with customers and no deposit has been paid in a reasonable amount of time, then we will assume the customer changed their mind and make puppy available to customer #2.  After the puppies have all been made available for deposit through the mailing list, we will post them on our website for the general public to view.  Remember deposits on non-refundable, so make sure of several things before requesting a puppy.  Make sure you are available to pick up the puppy when he/she is ready to go home.  This information will be included in the stats for each puppy.  We do not mind a day or two or three allowance, but sticking close to the date mentioned in the stats is good for puppy and the new family.  Once the deposit has been paid, we will confirm that we received notification of the payment and then we will email you several sheets of puppy care instructions that you can print out and read at your leisure.  We also include a sheet with items to collect for your new puppies arrival.  It is our hopes that the mailing list allows everyone to have an equal opportunity to adopt a puppy.  We practice a first-come, first serve protocol because we feel it is the most just way of giving every customer an opportunity at adopting a puppy.  If you want to be added to our mailing list, just email us and ask and we will add you!  The mailing list is current for three months.  


Routine for Puppies While at Hill Country Chihuahuas!

Once puppy is placed on hold, and we have sent you the puppy care information and items to collect, we adhere to the following routine for your puppy!

  • Puppies are wormed at 2,4,6 and 8 wks with Pyrantel Pamoate.

  • Puppies recieve their first puppy shot between 6-7 wks of age.

  • Puppies visit our vet’s office for the all important litter check between 7-8 wks of age.

  • Photos of your puppy are updated every two weeks and sent to you via email.

  • After the vet check, we will email you and let you know how the vet check went, puppies weight and we will confirm your pickup visit and email you the invoice.  

  • Final payment is not due till your pickup visit.  We accept cash for the final amount.  

  • We will schedule a phone consult prior to your pickup visit.  The phone consult can take anywhere from 30 min -1 hour depending on many factors.  The phone consult is very important.  It is where we go over the shot record, the feeding schedule and many other topics.  We will cover the topics in detail and then ask if you have any questions and answer them at that time.  We want each customer to be educated when puppy goes to their new home.  Customer will be more confident and puppy will be well cared for!

  • The pickup visit usually takes 15-30 min.  Papers are signed, payment is made, photo is taken and then customer and puppy go home to bond and start building memories!  Pickup visits nearly always happen here at our home, however, if customers are flying in to either the Austin or San Antonio airport, then we will drive to the airport and meet them there.  They can then pick up their puppy and turn around and fly home happily!  We do not charge for this delivery service.


Deposit Information

We require a $200 deposit to hold a puppy.  This deposit is paid through the PayPal invoice.  We fill out the invoice from the PayPal site and it is emailed to you.  You do not need to be a member of PayPal to use this service.  When PayPal notifies us that the payment has been made, then that puppy is on hold for you!  Deposits are non-refundable.



Visiting Policies

The well being of our puppies and dogs is paramount to us and therefore we do not offer open visitation to customers.  Many infections can be easily brought into our home/yard/porches on the soles of shoes and even the fabric of clothes.  We are thankful that we have not had an outbreak of infection in our history of dog breeding, but those we know and love have experienced this type of thing and it is heartrending.  We only offer scheduled no-contact visits to customers that have paid the deposit on a specific puppy.  This visit can happen within a limited time frame after puppy has had their first shot and possibly after the vet check has been done.  The customer is not allowed to touch puppy at all.  We hold the puppy so the customer can view puppy and puppy can hear the new owner’s voice.

When you come for any visit, make sure you have not visited a Petsmart or dog park or even a feed store prior to coming to our home.  Wear washed and clean clothes since Parvo germs can live on fabric.  Until all the puppy shots are given, your new baby is at risk and caution is advised.  


Items to Collect

  1. The IRIS 4-panel exercise plastic playpen with door or without door.  You can find these through Amazon, Walmart,, Petco, and Petsmart.  They now come in lots of different colors and are lightweight, easy to clean and lift.  I use these all the time for different locations.  Storage is also a breeze as the panels can come apart and slide under your bed when not in use.

  2. Diamond puppy formula dried food~ can be found online or at Tractor Supply

  3. NutriCal or NutriStat.  Your puppy will go home with a tube that he/she is familar with and like the flavor.  We have begun to send each puppy home with a new tube.

  4. Bed~ Ross has a large selection and affordable pricing.

  5. Puppy pads

  6. Food and Water dish that is connected.  Puppies are adorable and sometimes use their food dish as a bed and gallop over the water dish with glee!  We want to make sure that food/water will not easily tip over and spill.

  7. Canned Pedigree Adult moist food: Ground beef or chicken flavor.  We feed this to our mama’s that are pregnant or nursing and the nursing moms share it with the little ones.  It is bland enough to not upset tummies like some of the rich puppy food can do.  During relocation stress the moist food is very important to assist several things, including hydration since the main ingredient is water. Dried food can be a bit boring for puppy while he/she is processing their new surroundings during relocation.  But they rarely turn down the moist food, so calories going into puppy are always helpful in preventing low blood sugar!

  8. We do not mind if you want to change food as puppy matures, however, it is not advised in the first 1-2 months and when you do finally do it, please remember to do it gradually so that it does not upset puppy’s gut.


Pet Carriers

Chihuahuas find it absolutely splendid to be near their person.  Carriers allow this wonderful little creature to stay close to our hearts while allowing our hands to be free.  We recommend the Pet-A-Roo Pet Carrier!  It is tested by our family members and works very well and holds up nicely, too.



Treat and Dietary Suggestions!

  • CET Veggie-Dent~  Unfortunately, Chihuahuas are known for several dental issues.  #1 They hate to let go of those puppy teeth!  Then we must pay the vet to pull those little puppy teeth out and give room for their adult teeth to come in, nice and straight.  This treat product assist those puppy teeth to come out!  Just make sure that you put these chews in your own ziplock bag where no air will get in because they will loose their flavor and then lay on the living room floor with on one chewing on them.

  • Diamond Puppy Food~ We really have been pleased with this dried kibble for many years now.  

  • Doc Roy’s GI Synbiotics~  This product is the best I have found for gut health.  It has a scoop inside and you scoop up what appears to be sawdust, and sprinkle it over the dog’s dried kibble.  So, when your dog eats the dried kibble they are also ingesting this wonderful product to promote good balance of bacteria in the gut.  A healthy gut, a healthy dog!

  • Revival Animal Health: 800.786.4751   This is a great company and we buy many of our vet supplies from them.  The Doc Roy’s products are their brand.  We also buy our Doc Roy’s Forti Cal from Revival and it is affordable and the dogs/puppies love the flavor!  If you call them, ask for their free catalog.  It is very educational to read and browse through.



Chihuahuas are easy to groom and there is no need to make an appointment with a professional groomer.  We find this Mane’n Tail Detangler is an excellent spray for the long coats.  It makes their long coat silky and smooth and seems to keep their coat cleaner for a longer period of time. 

This shampoo is the BEST we have found!  We now order it from Amazon.  It’s packaging is strong and durable and one squirt goes a long way.  The smell is amazing and lingers for days and days.  It has antibacterial ingredients to keep your puppy healthy, too!

This OcuBright product is sold at our vet’s office and it is the only tear stain formula that is effective.  

We like short toe nails on our doggies.  Your puppy will come with his/her dew claws removed and your puppy will have had their toe nails clipped numerous times while in our care.  It is part of their socialization.  We encourage you to find a nice little pair of kitty cat toe nail clippers that are similar to the ones pictured above.  We use these on not only our puppies, but our adult dogs, too.  All you need do it to tip off the toe nails on a routine basis and your puppy should allow you to do this without a fight or a melt down.  Be brave and trim those toe nails!



Chihuahua Books for Your Library

If you are a person that likes to read books rather than only online material, here are some suggestions on good Chihuahua reading!  The breed has a long history and it really is facinating!  My favorite of all time books on the Chihuahua is the Pet Library’s Chihuahua Guide.  It can be difficult to locate and some copies I first bought were in bad condition and held together by a rubber band…. but oh!  Such great information from this little book.  Written by Hilary Harmar, from England, in the late 1960’s, this book is an excellent source of information.

Long Coat and Smooth Coat

Chihuahuas come in two coat lengths: the long coat and the smooth coat.  When we breed a long coat to a long coat, all the puppies in the litter will be long coats.  However, if we breed a smooth coat to a smooth coat or a smooth coat to a long coat, the puppies in the litter can be either/or coat lengths.  In those litters we must wait for 3-4 wks after puppies are born, to accurately determine their coat lengths.  In those litters, puppies will be made available for deposit only after we know their coat lengths.


Blow Out in the Long Coat Chihuahua

Long coat Chihuahuas are born with a lovely, fluffy coat of puppy fur!  Somewhere around the time of teething, you will notice a lanky looking teenager and wonder where your fluffy puppy disappeared to!  This is normal and we call it “Blow Out”.  Some people call it “Puppy Uglies” and in the Pom breed it is very pronounced.  Some Chihuahuas have this event for only a short period of time and then the adult coat begins to come in and by 12 months to 14 months they are a magnificent example of a long coat Chihuahua.  But other lines can take up to 24 months before their adult coat is finally in, in all it’s glory!  Do not despair!  This is normal and it will pass!  The long coat Chihuahua is typically easy to groom and do not need professional grooming  or trimming of their fur.

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