Introducing ANNIE !!!!

AKC Registered

Annie came to our home in 2020!  She is our only merle Chihuahua and she is a chocolate/tan/cream long coat.  Annie came to us from out of state and loves to love and be loved.  She has a very friendly temperament and enjoys other Chihuahuas and all humans.  Annie is very trusting and we adore her.  Annie is happy all the time and so are her puppies.  Annie is a licker and many of her puppies love to give kisses, too!

7.3 lbs


Introducing “BEULAH”!!!

AKC Registered, Hill Country Chihuahuas Bred

Beulah is a lovely smooth coat from Star and Ranger’s past litter!  Born here in our home, she has been a source of never ending entertainment.  Her zest for life and interest in all things is huge!  She is a friendly girl but much too busy to sit still for long, as she has projects of importance and details to attend.  As with many of Star and Ranger’s past puppies, they may start out larger in size but end up as smaller sized adults, so we are thrilled that Beulah grew to be a safe size for our breeding program.  Alert and intelligent, Beulah has a busy social life with lots of friends and activities, parties to attend and gossip to catch up on.  She is named after the old hymn, “Beulah Land” and so we often sing to her, which she tolerates with a look of mercy.

6.6 lbs




Introducing “BREE” !!!

AKC Registered, Hill Country Chihuahuas Bred

Bree is the sweetest, most thoughtful, and mannerly lil girl.  We cannot say enough good about this little girl.  She is a wonderful balance between calm and playful.  She is intelligent and a gentle soul.  She has red sable spots on a coat of white.  Bree’s smile lights our home and brightens our days!  Bree is on the smaller side as are both of her parents.  Bree has manners and is a lady of poise.

4.7 lbs




Introducing DAISY!!!!!

AKC Registered, Hill Country Chihuahuas Bred

Daisy was born here at Hill Country Chihuahuas!  Daisy’s mother was Abby and her dad was Hero.  She has many champions in her pedigree from both her parents.  Daisy is intelligent, like her mom, Abby.  She is sweet and affectionate but always on the look-out for a new adventure to participate in, with gusto!  Daisy went through her much needed growth spurt and now she will officially join our breeding program!  Daisy is the only offspring of Hero’s we have here and we are super excited to have her carry on his lines.  We love our Daisy-girl!

5.7 lbs










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