The Molera

The American Kennel Club mentions the molera in the Chihuahua breed standard.  It is a soft spot found on the top of the head, much the same as is found on a human baby’s head.  It is important that new-comers to the breed understand that this is found in nearly all apple head Chihuahua puppies.  It is normal for the breed and although most of the times it closes, sometimes it will never close completely.  Before breed registeries existed the molera was a strong indication that the puppy was, in fact, a pure breed Chihuahua.  Before you take your new puppy home and to your vet for that first well check to establish service, please educate yourself about this breed conformation.  Many vets understand the Chihuahua breed and will note the presence of a molera in their write up.  However, some vets, not specifically familiar with the breed, can alarm customers needlessly.  We cover the topic of the molera in our phone consult which we schedule prior to your very important puppy pickup visit.  Below we have shared some helpful and educational links about this subject.


What is a Molera or ‘Soft Spot’ in Chihuahuas?


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