Introducing BRODIE !!!


Brodie is from Hi-C lines and this boy has many champions in his pedigree.  Brodie is a mannerly boy.  He carries himself like a gentleman.  He is focused and intelligent and thoughtful.  Brodie produces the prettiest and the tiniest of puppies.  Brodie, we love you!



Introducing BUDDY!!!


Buddy was born and bred here at Hill Country Chihuahuas!  Buddy is just that, a good ole buddy to everyone.  Buddy seriously likes everyone and is happy all the time!  Buddy is a son of Abby and Maverick.  Fiona and Dolly are his sisters from other litters.  Buddy stayed under 3 lbs for years.  Now he has reached 4.5 lbs and his coat is gorgeous!  Buddy is a smiling boy and full of zest for life!  We are in love with this lil fellow and the puppies he produces.


Introducing RANGER !!!!


This Texas boy has the most amazing coat of any long coats we have ever owned.  One could braid his tail coat.  Ranger is a lover, and his eyes are forever on the humans in his world.  Ranger’s puppies have such lovely apple heads with big eyes and shorter noses.  He produces reds and sables galore!  Ranger is an easy going boy and he is relaxed and happy.  I wish I could be more like Ranger’s temperament.  Life is good.  Ranger came to us from Donna Reid at myfabulouschihuahuas.  Thank you, Donna!

Introducing WYATT !!!


Wyatt came to us from Doubletake Chihuahuas in Corpus Christi, Texas!  He comes from a lovely pedigree with many champions.  Wyatt is a lover.  Wyatt loves to give kisses and will shower anyone near him with kisses on face, neck, ears, arms, hands and feet, toes…Wyatt is a very kind soul.  He is a romantic to the ladies and likes to wine and dine them and dance a bit before he focuses on his job.  The girls all love Wyatt.  We do, too.  Elsa, Star, and Ruthie are all Wyatt’s daughters that are part of our family/program.  


We do not offer our male dogs for stud service.  If you are seeking a stud to service your female, check with your local vet’s office for suggestions.

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