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Of all the breeds in the world, the Chihuahua is the smallest. Chihuahuas are compact and intelligent and love being with their owners.  The Chihuahua is an excellent little watchdog.  They are a hardy breed and can live 14-18 years.  For such a tiny creature, their personality is anything but small!  Chihuahuas typically are not aware of their smaller size and like to hang out with the big boys or take on a much larger canine or neighborhood cat!  Chihuahua’s devotion is without limits.  They quickly become the president of your fan club!  They are not typically roamers and like to stay close to their humans.  Chihuahuas are excellent pets for small homes and they do well in apartment living.  Many dogs are bred for working purposes, but the Chihuahua is bred to be a companion.

Once a Chihuahua snuggles into your heart, you will forever be the breed’s #1 fan.

AKC Texas Born and Texas Bred

Take your boots off, sit down and rest awhile while you browse our website and view our collection of AKC long coat and smooth coat Chihuahuas!  We are located between Austin and San Antonio!  We have bred only Chihuahuas since 2004.



Updated: 7/15/24    

We have no puppies available at this time.  We should have puppies in mid to late August!

If you have not already read the Helpful Information page, please do so! It should answer many of your questions!  The protocol we follow when making our puppies available for deposit can be found on that page!  Reading the helpful information is required before you are able to place a puppy on hold.  We understand the customer has expectations for their adoption process. However, our protocol does not offer visits or phone calls. Every breeder has a protocol they follow and when a customer places a puppy on hold with us, it should reflect that they have responsibly educated themselves as to what we practice and what we offer. Then when they place their puppy on hold, they are agreeing with our stated protocol and they will not have expectations that exceed what we offer.  Our home page is typically updated on a daily basis so the information here is kept current.  We do not have a waiting list or a mailing list.  Check this home page frequently for all updates.



Contact us:  The best way to reach us is through email.  I joke that I type faster than I talk.  Due to family responsibilities, and health issues, emailing is a perfect way for me to answer your questions and “meet” you.  Please, remember that we have an excellent resource for many questions on our website’s Helpful Information page.  Take the time to browse that page and hopefully it will be insightful.  We have spent a great deal of time on our website so our customers can educated themselves about many Chihuahua topics and about our protocols and policies.  We do not return phone calls. Text messages will usually direct you to email.

sjo14@satx.rr.com (Best way to reach us!)

Text Us:  830-556-6049


I retain the right to choose the best home for my dog/puppies and refuse any sale for any reason.
I also retain the right to refund a deposit and terminate a sale if I feel there is a reason to do so.



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