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June 2024

We have no adult dogs available at this time.



Advice on Adopting Young Adult or Adult Chihuahuas


Adopting an older dog can be a rewarding experience with many advantages.

However, while I tell customers to allow 48 hours for a new 8 wk old puppy to process his new surroundings and family, I tell customers to allow young adult dogs or adult dogs up to 2-4 wks to adjust to their new family/home.

During this adjustment you may notice your new dog will not be eating or drinking readily.  He/she may be timid and scared.  He/she may hide or bolt to the corner of a room or yard.  Be patient and always speak gently and kindly to them.

Reward any and all expressions of affection from your new dog and give treats when they come to you.  My main advice is to give them at least 2 wks to fully adjust and keep them contained during the duration of that two week time frame.

Never allow your dog to be outside without a leash or fenced yard.  They can run away and become disoriented and get lost.  They need a full two weeks to learn that this is their new home with you and your family and your yard/house.

If they have been house trained prior to leaving our home, they may have accidents when being introduced into your home.  They may forget lessons learned but after two weeks or less it will all come back to them and what you see will be a well adjusted dog that will give you years of love and companionship.

If they fail to eat, keep dry food out for them 24/7.  Tempt them with moist dog food. Keep clean water available 24/7 also. 

We recommend using halters rather than collars.  In the smaller dog breeds, the necks can be hurt if they pull too hard or too suddenly.  The halter provides better protection against neck trauma.  If you change the food your new dog is eating do so gradually or you may find your new dog develops loose stools.  Changing the food over a two week period is best.  Keep your dog on puppy food till they are 12 months of age.  Then you may change it to adult dog food if you like. 


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