There are times we have adult dogs or teenage dogs that are available.  When we do they will be posted on this page!

Adopting an adult dog is different than adopting a puppy.  Below you will find some suggestions we have that will make the relocation go smoothly.  Each adult dog is an individual and so are their needs.  We will share with you the temperament we have observed in the adult dog while they have been in our home/family, but we want you to remember that the Chihuahua is a companion breed and they will merge with their new family and learn your dynamics and so changes in their personality can very well occur.  They adapt. They bond and suddenly they blossom in their new surroundings and new family.  This can happen in 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months time.  Adopting  an adult Chihuahua can require patience.  Having a good confinement area is very important.  We have seen adult dogs, when relocated, get confused and bolt when put outside or given an open door.  We do not want these precious dogs to disappear or get lost.  So, a fenced yard is a wonderful solution, but if you don’t have a fence, please use precaution with gates or playpens or crates.  All our adult dogs and teenage dogs go home with current shots and a vet check.

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