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January 2023


Introducing “STAR”!!!!  ON HOLD for NANA!!!

DOB: June 16, 2015

Retiring from our breeding program

In good health. Her last vet check was in July 2022.

C section surgery with single still born puppy in Dec. 2022, no complications, healed nicely


AKC smooth coat, black/tan/white female

Weight at this time: 7 lbs 14 ounces

No leash training in place, that would be the responsibility of the new family if desired.

Star is potty pad trained but no guarantee that house training will remain stable during relocation.  She also goes outside with the other girls.  We do not guarantee house training will be in place once they leave our home.

Spay should be done before next heat, due in April

Star was raised in our home and is very friendly.  She is kind to humans and other Chihuahuas.  Our dogs are no longer exposed to cats, so we are not sure how that would work out.

Star enjoys eating and sunbathing in the backyard and belly rubs.  Star is always happy and she loves a comfy lap.

Priced: $300

If you are interested in adopting STAR, please email us.  Tell us a bit about your expectations for a adopted Chiuahua and we will give you a simple questionnaire to answer and email back to us.  Thank you!








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