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Deep in the heart of Texas!
AKC Chihuahuas!
Smooth coats and Long coats!
Champion blood lines!
We are located between Austin, TX and San Antonio, TX off IH 35.

Mia and Jeff taking a "Cat Nap", chilling together
Chihuahuas are companion dogs and they love their family!

Contact us at sjo14@satx.rr.com or call us at 830-556-6049 or 830-609-9104 for more information!
Visit our facebook page at Hill Country Chihuahuas for more pictures and information!
Typically I update my Hill Country Chihuahuas facebook page on a regular basis with many more pictures than my website allows.  If you notice I have been delayed in updating my website, check out my facebook page (LIKE me while you are there!) for current pictures and information!

Caden is an AKC, Long Coat Male Chihuahua!
Caden is now available and charting an adult weight of 7 lbs. His price has been reduced.

God Bless America!
Happy New Year to you all!

Updated: Jan. 29th, 2014
Foxy's puppies are both available are posted!
Maddox is on hold for Kara and family!  Thank you!
Updated pictures of Caden (available) on the Puppy Page!
We are waiting on Abby and Kaite to deliver!  We will let you know when they have their puppies!

Nearly all my family! November photo shoot!
One adult son is missing... he was late for a very important date!

This lovely little long coat female was from
Kaylee's and Maverick's past litter! Steffi is precious!

Star is a past Hill Country Chihuahua! A lovely
long coat beauty! Star is very loved in her forever home!

2014 We celebrate ten years of Chihuahua breeding!
Every day is brighter with a precious Chi in it!

My son, Jonah, with his Chihuahua, Ringo!
Jonah calls Ringo his "Therapy".  He says when someone adopts a Chihuahua they are investing in 14 plus years of therapy!  So true....

This little fluffy teddy bear of a puppy was from
Mia's litter! He is a lovely example of a long coat Chi puppy!

Snuggled in for the night, Lola is rocking her
pretty P.J.'s and bedding!

All our puppies have champion bloodline and excellent pedigrees!  We have apple head Chihuahua puppies!
Each puppy goes home vet checked and with their first puppy shot and routine wormings!
All our puppies go home with "Limited AKC Papers".  This means that puppy does not have breeding rights.  If you decide you would like to adopt a puppy for breeding purposes, please visit with us about it. 
View our available puppies on our Puppies for Sale page!
In November 2013, the USDA passed a new law.  As a result of this law, we are no longer able to ship our puppies. 

My little dog------- a heartbeat at my feet.
Edith Wharton, Novelist

This breed is perfect for our laps! They love the
human contact and I love the warmth in the winter when they pile on!

Brodie is a past puppy of HCC! He is a
Lovely example of a long coat Chihuahua!

Here is a past Hill Country Chihuahuas puppy!

This is another past Hill Country Chihuahua!
Max is from Honey's past litter!

Ryder is a lovely smooth coat male Chihuahua!
He has gone to his forever home, but we still enjoy seeing his pictures!

Chihuahuas brighten our days and are blessings
to our hearts!

Pet Memorial Stepping Stones!







If you are interested in a lovely, stain glass, concrete pet memorial stepping stone for your beloved companion that has passed away, or is still with you, contact us via email and put Texas Mosaics in the subject box.
$175-$150 depending on size
These lovely stepping stones come in two sizes to choose from.  One is approximately 15 inches in diameter.  The smaller stone is 12 inches in diameter.
Contact us for more information!

Chihuahuas are addicting! But it is a very
healthy addiction which will fill your life with love and laughter!

A friend/customer sent this photo from Alaska!
Who says Chi's are too small to exist with BIG dogs????

Bella, a 2.5 lb Hill Country Chihuahua, all decked
out for cold, winter weather! Great sweater, girlfriend!

Come sit down and rest awhile!  We hope you enjoy browsing through our website and seeing our collection of Chi's, our home and yard, our barnwood kennels and our family!
Welcome to
Hill Country Chihuahuas!!!!
Texas raised AKC, CKC Chihuahuas for sale!
We have smooth coats and long coats!
We have all different colorings and sizes!
Champion bloodlines and excellent pedigrees!

Contact us:
Home #: 830-609-9104
Welcome to Hill Country Chihuahuas! 

Welcome to Hill Country Chihuahuas!
We love Chihuahuas and our collection comes in all sizes, colors and length of coat!

We purchased a little guy that we named Pocket.  He is the LOVE of my life and very rotten.  The attached photo is him at the ranch, he demands a ride on the four wheeler and the tractor when we are out there.  He has pounced through bluebonnets for weeks!  I know he's not proud of the pink chair, probably hurts his ego a bit, but he sure insists on the ride.

Write up from a customer who adopted Pocket!


My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog already thinks I am.

Chihuahuadog breedsresource

Welcome to Hill Country Chihuahuas!
Spring is here and I am enjoying every minute of this lovely season!


Here is a happy past customer holding a
smooth coat Hill Country Chihuahua!


Lovely people, love Chihuahuas and we get the
honor of meeting some of the most wonderful human beings in our customers!


Pets 4 You Awards quality Pet Websites for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Reptiles, Dog Pictures, & sites.

Our puppies come in all colors, sizes and
personalities! But all of them are capable of being a loving, loyal companion!

Our puppies are socialized by family, friends and
are surrounded by other dogs, several cats and various other healthy relationships!

Bella (originally Maybelline) is a tiny, teacup
girl! Weighing under 3 lbs grown, she is a lovely example of a Chihuahua!

Ava will be the "Pampered Princess" in her new
home and she will remain a TEXAS girl!!!!!!

Here is AVA now, and below is AVA as a
Hill Country Chihuahuas puppy, many years ago!

Hi Shirley!
I have been on your website frequently over that past few weeks. Pet Super Store is paying special tribute to websites who display a humanitarian effort towards ethical treatment of animals and in particular, breed with care and consideration. Love your site, it is so fun with all of the creative and precious puppy pics! It is clear that you ensure that every pup goes to a loving, well equipped home. Your facility is gorgeous (I'd love to know more about the passion flower!) and your site has been selected as an award winner of our 2010 Pet Dedication Website award. Not only do you provide a remarkable foundation for the pups, but you also show a genuine love and sincere appreciation for the beauty of all dogs.

Layla and Shiv are a happy family! Layla is one
of Roxy's past puppies!!!! She is a lovely chocolate/white/tan female Chi!!!!

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BeBe has sold! She will still be a Texas Girl!
Thank you, Rhonda! I know BeBe will be very loved in your family!

For those of you that are worried about
introducing a Chihuahua into a family with a big dog... note "Queen Bella" and her companion!

Dog Beds,Dog Supplies,Dog toys
Dog Collars,Dog Leads,Dog Food
Award by Pets-Direct.net

An educated customer is a good pet owner!
We encourage your questions!

Our daughter holding Dreamer, our stud, and his
little look-alike puppy! We see lots of spots in Dreamer's puppies!

My son wiped out on his skateboard and Tiara ran
up to him, licked his face, lay beside him and snuggled beneath his arms to comfort him!!!!

This website was designed and built by Shirley J. Offtermatt, site owner.
All photos are the property of Hill Country Chihuahuas and taken by Shirley and family and friends, unless sent to us by customers.
Several of our videos were productions of Matt Johnson, owner of an excellent web building site and video business called http://whoismatt.com.  Many of the young people in our pictures are either our own children or our children's friends.  Thank all of you for your enthusiasm and love for our dogs and our family business!

Our customers become our friends and we
stay in contact via email and phone. Here is Neeko's mama and papa!

Here is a past puppy all dressed up sitting on her
throne! smile. She is a whopping 3.5 lbs full grown!!!!

Who said that Chihuahuas are too tiny to live with
big dogs? As you can see, these two are totally different sizes and totally best friends!

There was a tiny Chi, who lived in a shoe... we
gave her so many kisses, she did not know what to do!


Roscoe has sold and will remain a tried and true
Texan boy! Thank you!

Our puppies are socialized and loved!
Each one has its own special personality!!!!

Puppies that are socialized early in their lives
obtain life-long benefits in their relationships with humans and other animals.

Awarded to quality pet websites. (dogs, puppies, cats, horses)

Type: Dog Site

All our puppies are socialized and cared for
by gentle children, doting adults and a few cats and roosters!


Below we have compiled some information that answers many of the questions we are frequently asked in emails or by phone.  It is our desire to be clear and honest in our communication with our customers, so we have typed up the information for you to read at your leisure and if you have questions, always feel free to ask us via phone or email!
General Information

There are many factors involved when we price our puppies, but typically our puppies prices range from $750 up to $950. This price includes 30-40 min of puppy care instructions at time of pick-up, a litter vet check on all our puppies before they go home, we give our puppies their first puppy shot to protect them from Parvovirus, Adenovirus 2, Parainfluenza and Distemper.These are the foundational vaccines and the first is given to the puppy at age 6-7 weeks. Your puppy will need three of these puppy shots to be completely protected from Parvo.

Each of these shots should be given 3-4 weeks apart. Until your puppy has had three of these shots they are not fully protected from Parvo or the other viruses.

When they leave our home, they will have been wormed at 2,4,6,and 8 weeks of age for hookworms and roundworms with Nemex 2. They come with a shot record, a baby blanket, a small bag of Diamond Puppy food, their registration papers and multiple sheets of puppy care instructions. We take a photo of your new puppy with you on pick up day and post it on our site and send you a copy via email as well.

The prices posted on our puppies are "Pet Prices".  That means that their AKC registration is limited and without breeding rights.  If you would like breeding rights on a puppy, please contact us. If the puppy is the right size and has good breed conformation, they will be considered and if agreed, then an additional fee of $200 will be added to the final price of the puppy.

Budget Puppies/Adults

As much as we hate to admit it, some Chihuahua puppies just don't meet breed standard.  Either they will be larger than the typical Chi or they have different features that don't meet our standard or the breed standard or they are older than the usual 8-12 wks puppy.  They are still purebred Chi's and still have their registration papers and they still have alot of love and affection to give their owners.  However, due to different factors of size, build, age, we reduce their prices and place them on the Budget Puppy Page of our site.  Sometimes we do not have any puppies/adults for sale there, but other times we do, so always check.  Any adults that we are selling will be found on this page of our site.

At times we have put together photo albums online for the customers of their new puppy from newborn age to pickup age and email that to the customer for a keepsake.

We are also available for questions for up to a year after purchase via phone and email. If the deposit is paid prior to 8 weeks then we send updated pictures of your puppy to you with updated stats during the time you are waiting to take your puppy home.

How do you place your puppy on "Hold"?

Deposit information

When a customer decides they want a puppy, they may hold that puppy with a non-refundable $200 deposit. Once the deposit is paid (through PayPal invoice via email), that puppy is on hold for that customer.  It is our policy to hold a puppy only with deposit paid.  This assures us that the customer is serious and capable of taking responsible steps in dog ownership.  As much as "word of mouth" is valued by us, only the $200 deposit will hold a puppy.  We are not responsible for broken hearts if the puppy sells while you are waiting for your scheduled appointment to view the puppy or waiting for additional pictures before paying the deposit. The deposit option is available for our customers and only deposits hold puppies. After the $200 is paid, it is then  deducted from the total amount of the puppy. The remaining balance is due at time of pick up.

Our deposits are considered "Non-refundable". We also do not encourage "transferred deposits".  We have allowed this in recent times past and it has not been to the benefit of the puppy to do so.  So, unless otherwise stated by myself in text or email, every deposit is for THAT specific puppy you would like to adopt.  If you change your mind, you will not be refunded that deposit and it will not be transferred to another puppy.  We have had to make this policy for the well-being of our puppies.

When you pay the deposit to hold that specific puppy, we take that puppy off the market.  Your deposit is holding that puppy for you, so no one else can adopt him/her.  If you change your mind and decide you want another puppy more or you don't want a puppy at all, that specific puppy has already been passed over by possible future families in their search for an available puppy.  Deposits are your commitment that you are going to adopt that puppy.  So with all this said, please, make sure you want the puppy you place on hold.  Our priority is to provide our puppies with loving and responsible homes.

It is a rare thing that a customer isn't waiting on pins and needles to pick up their new baby, however, if someone cannot pick up their puppy by 8 wks they must notify us and let us know the situation.  If we have not heard from them by the time the puppy is 9 wks of age, we will make that puppy available once again.  The first customer's deposit will not be refunded or transferred.  If a customer needs to pick up their puppy later than the normal 8 wks of age, then we will do our best to assist them in a good pick up date.  If the date is beyond 10 wks, there will be a $5 per day boarding fee attached to the final amount due.

Long coats/Smooth coat Puppies, Newborn

We frequently have litters born where the coat lengths cannot be confirmed until the puppies are 3-4 wks of age.  When we have a litter where we do not know the coat length of the puppy, we will not take a deposit on that puppy until we can confirm the coat length.  That means that we will not be taking deposits on newborn puppies if those puppies cannot be identified as a LC or a SC. We hope this change in our policy will result in a smoother adoption process for you, our customers! As with all our information posted, if you have questions, just ask!

This October the butterflies are numerous!
Each one moves quickly from one flower to another!

Our Lantana blooming out front! The butterflies
and humming birds are very active now with all the flowers!

Take time to smell the flowers, says one of the
puppies! This is a male puppy, romantic and affectionate!


In the wooded hill country between Austin and San Antonio, Texas, is nestled our family business and collection of precious Chihuahua puppies for sale.  On occasion we have some adult Chihuahuas available, as well.   
It is our sincere hope that we can help you find that "perfect" puppy to add to your family.  Our prices vary with each puppy and if finances are tight, we have included our budget puppies which sell for a reduced adoption fee.  This is typically due to either age or larger size.  Also, visit our past puppy page to view customers and the puppies they bought from Hill Country Chihuahuas.  Our gallery contains selected pictures of some of the puppies our breeding program has produced. 
We have puppies throughout the year and if you can't find exactly what you are looking for one month, you might just find it the following month.  We were established in 2004, and although we are somewhat young in this business, animals have always been apart of our lives and family.  Kick your boots off, hang your hat up and linger on our site awhile.  In Texas everything is bigger, and although our Chihuahuas are tiny little gifts from God, their hearts are the size of this wonderful state...
Thank you for visiting!

Chihuahuas come in smooth coats, like little one
here, and long coats and within both coat length categories, there are variations.

One of my favorite flowers in our front yard !!!!

We love our puppies, our adult Chi's and our
customers! Thank you all for your kindness and love for our puppies!


Every fact in nature is a revelation of God.
George MacDonald

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Savannah was one of our first Chi pups sold!
Rebecca in CA is Savannah's "mom" and look at that lovely Chi bag!!!!

All the rain has made our landscape plants thrive!
As summer makes her way out, we look forward to upcoming fall!

Worry doesn't empty tomorrow of its sorrows.  It empties today of its strength.
Corrie Ten Boom

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Each puppy has a different personality!
We try to inform you about the temperament of the puppy you have selected!

God Bless America
Investments are an American tradition.  We invest in people, places and things that we believe will contribute to society and our families, impoving the quality of life.  When you choose to invest in a puppy, you are investing in something that will enrich your life.  That puppy has the potential to calm you, comfort you, encourage you, challenge you, protect you, entertain you, assist you in many ways on your journey through life.  Dogs teach us much about good ole, enduring character qualities such as loyalty, faithfulness, love, determination, protection, etc.  Choose your puppy carefully for they can live 15 years or more!  Our hope is that we can assist you in finding that canine companion that will be all the things you need him/her to be for many years to come.  We want your investment to bring years of benefits to your life and the life of your family!

Texas Licensed Breeder
License Number: 138
Dog and cat breeders are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations
P.O. Box 12157
Austin, TX 78711

uPetia Recommended site seal

"We have something to crow about!"
Visit our puppy page and see our new puppies!!!!!!!!!!!

We are located in the beautiful hill country near New Braunfels, TX and we raise playful, healthy, affectionate Chihuahuas!
We are 45 minutes from south Austin and 25 min. from San Antonio right off IH 35.
We are a family-owned, small business and we breed for beauty, health and loving temperament!  Take a tour of our website and discover our puppies, our adults and our custom barnwood kennels. All our Chihuahuas come with their AKC or CKC registration papers, first shots, routine wormings, and a vet check before leaving our home  They are bright-eyed and inquisitive and eager to nuzzle near your heart or share your lap.

How much will my puppy weigh as an adult??????
About 90% of our customers ask us what their selected puppy will weigh as an adult Chihuahua.  Please, understand that we will never guarantee the adult weight of your puppy.  We can only plug in the age and weight of your puppy while he/she is here in our home to a Chihuahua Puppy Weight Chart.  These charts do not even claim accuracy until after the puppy is weaned.  I believe the charts are accurate only a small percentage of the time, however that is all we have to go by.  We have seen large dogs produce tiny dogs and we have seen tiny dogs produce large dogs.  Your puppy will have drawn from 7 generations of genes when it comes into this world.  We have seen tiny puppies, go through unexpected growth spurts only to become larger adults.  We have seen fat, chubby, larger puppies, skip going through a regular growth spurt only to be smaller adult dogs.  Therefore, because integrity is very important to us, we will NOT guarantee the adult weight of your puppy.  We will only tell you what the charts are stating and then we will also tell you that the charts are often wrong.  If you decide that the adult weight of your new Chihuahua puppy is highly significant to you and that you will love him/her less if they become larger than expected or if they become smaller than you expected, then I am not the breeder for you.  I would like to know that my puppies go to homes where they will be loved no matter what size they are as adults.  I try very hard to be completely honest with each customer about the puppy they choose.  But I only have so much control over things.... the rest is beyond my capabilities.  With all this said,  remember that even a "Large" Chihuahua is still smaller than the majority of the canine population.  All are smart, lovable, loyal, exquisite companions with incredible life spans and magical personalities!  But then I guess I am partial....smile.

In 2004 we purchased our first Chihuahua.  Unaware of their many positive traits we were soon awed at their intelligence, warmed and nutured by their loving mannerisms, and happily surprised by their "eager to please" attitudes!  So much life wrapped up in such tiny creatures!  Now we have short coats, long coats, apple heads, all different sizes and colors!  All are affectionate and aiming to please.  Because we are small and family owned, we know each dog's personality and sweet little quirks.  Each puppy is handled by careful children and doting adults.  They play with the family pets, children and occasionally chase a neighborhood squirrel, just for the fun of it!

All our dogs have champion bloodline and two of our males are champion sired and several are champion grandsired.  We are AKC inspected and state licensed and inspected.

Contact us at
Home #: 830-609-9104

Peek-a-boo! Our little brindle female found a
loving home with Megan and will remain a Texas Girl!

We have all different shapes and sizes
of Chihuahuas! But all are loving and friendly and will make a lovely addition to your family!

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