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"My goal is life is to be as good a person as my dog already thinks I am." unknown

Welcome to Hill Country Chihuahuas!

Texas Born and Texas Bred!!!!!!!!!!!

"Life isn't a matter of milestones, but moments." Rose Kennedy

Hill Country Chihuahuas has AKC Champion Bloodlines, Smooth Coat and Long Coat Chihuahuas!
Located in the scenic  hill country of Texas between Austin and San Antonio.

Sit down, take your boots off and stay awhile.
Enjoy viewing our collection of the world's smallest dog breed,
the lovely Chihuahua!

If you are considering adopting a puppy from Hill Country Chihuahuas or if you have already placed your new puppy on hold, please read over the "Helpful Information" page! 


Also, when viewing our pages, if you click the title of the category text, it will take you to more photos if more are available and posted!  We like pictures and we hope that you do, too!
We also have a Hill Country Chihuahuas facebook page that you can view!
Hill Country Chihuahuas Facebook

We are AKC Inspected and Approved
We are Licensed and Inspected by the State of Texas.

Updated:  8-27-2015

We have posted Flower's puppies on our puppy page and although, they are all on hold, I hope you will enjoy watching them grow!
We are also busy working on our
"Customer Vet Recommendation" page!  Check out the vets mentioned there and if you have a favorite vet you would like me to add, please email me their information!
We have added a category on our Helpful Information page!  Items to Collect!  Please, if you are considering adding one of our precious babies to your family, read over the Helpful Information page to educate yourself about us and the Chihuahua breed!  Thank you!

Oh Happy Day!!!!!  Buddy, a little black/white spotted male we have kept back from Abby/Maverick's February litter, passed his vet check today at 6 months and is now officially added to Hill Country Chihuahua's breeding program!  He can begin this winter producing litters of his own!  At 6 months Buddy weighed only 2.8 lbs and his adult coat is already coming in!  We adore his personality and look forward to his future litters here!

All of our puppies are on hold.
Flower's recent litter of three have all been placed on hold. New litters are due for our fall and winter of 2015!

We have lots of females in heat and our fall/winter litters should be plentiful!

We have a mailing list!  Just email me and let me know a little about yourself and what you are seeking.  When the puppies become available for deposit, we will send out pictures and stats to the mailing list.  Our females typically go very fast.  The males are a bit slower, but not always! 

Remember you can also view pictures on our Hill Country Chihuahuas facebook page!

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." Unknown

Texas Licensed Breeder
License Number: 138
Dog and cat breeders are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations
P.O. Box 12157
Austin, TX 78711

Contact us at:
830-556-6049 Cell
830-609-9104 Home